It’s almost Christmas! 

I love Christmas. I'm not as over the top crazy about it anymore, but it's still one of my favorites.  One of my favorite things about Christmas when I was little, was the fresh tree we would get. We didn't ever have a lot where you could go chop down your own, but they still … Continue reading It’s almost Christmas! 

I found THE coolest store!

We are in Rapid City right now, and today when we went to the mall to do some Christmas shopping, I found the coolest store!! 90% of everything in there was swords, real swords!! And ninja stars, Kunai, nunchucks, ninja claws,  and virtually every medieval sword or ninja weapon!! It took every bit of self … Continue reading I found THE coolest store!

I can’t remember 

Have you ever woken up and everything from the past few days  is all jumbled up and your hopelessly confused for a minute or two? Well every once in awhile, I wake up with a headache and everything from the past week or two is one jumbled up mess with giant black holes. I call … Continue reading I can’t remember 

A lot of random ideas

Who else has the problem of getting one great idea after another while you're writing, but those great ideas do not come in the order that they need to be put into the book? Lately that's what's been happening to me. I've got no less than 3 chapters that are about half done that will … Continue reading A lot of random ideas

To Write

To write, is to create.  To creat new worlds is to visit the places and times I will never be able to see.  Through writing, I can do things only possible in dreams.   To write, is to be strong, beautiful, confident, invulnerable.  To write, to create, is to be Fearless! This is why it … Continue reading To Write

Why did it have to be Geometry???

Well I have been rudely reminded of what it's like to get up extra early in the morning to go to school and sit for hours on end studying stuff I couln't care less about. I am currently doing a GED program run by Western Nebraska Community College (WNCC) at our local library and I … Continue reading Why did it have to be Geometry???

I promise I'm not dead, things have just been really crazy here at home. Things are still kind of crazy actually... But anyway, Lady's leg is still in a cast. One of the load bearing toes is healing really well and only needs to be in a cast for another two weeks. The other toe … Continue reading

I Hate Being in the City…

I don't have anything ranch related to post about right now because I'm in Omaha Nebraska for Dr appointments. I've always had a bad back but it was causing me so much pain this year that I got an appointment with a back specialist.  After several X-rays, the Dr said that two of the vertebrae … Continue reading I Hate Being in the City…

Pokemon Go at the Vet

So while I was at the vet earlier this summer for my dog to finally get her cast off, and I was a little early so I had to wait awhile. While sitting there with my dog happily sitting at my feet I think, "Hey I wonder if there's anything good nearby." So with this thought … Continue reading Pokemon Go at the Vet

August, September, and October Update

I promise that there is a very good reason why I have not posted in three months! Actually there are a lot... in August when I was about to do a post, I had a family emergency and doing a blog entry was the last thing I felt like doing. Then we had a LOT … Continue reading August, September, and October Update